Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Are you looking for software engineers to get the latest software installed in your computer? Do you need experts to modify your software in Jaipur & Rajasthan or anywhere else in India? Are you looking for updating of new software or any kind of software related solutions? If yes, you have come at the right place. We at IT Call Solutions offer you complete software installation and hardware solutions.

IT Call Solutions has been in the field for last many years. Since its inception, the leading company has been holding the title of “Top Computing Solution Company”. We are a one stop platform offering complete software installation services to take the hassles and confusions out of getting your new software up and run smoothly with no chance of errors. Come to us for software install services and you will also get some added services. With software install services, we also pay heed to some other essential points.

We are here to help

  • Diagnosing and fixing problems along with checking that PC is perfect or meets the minimum requirements to run any software
  • Suggestion for necessary hardware changes to run software
  • Ensuring that no conflicts with other software exists
  • Running programs to check for updates/patches to install them successfully
  • Installation of software with necessary registration process
  • Installation of E-mail accounts and setting-up Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook, etc
  • Software installation that are specifically developed for your computerWe offer round the clock services that you can access from anywhere anytime. Feel free to make a call or fill in online query form and get the right computer hardware and software solutions. We also offer fix monthly packages for any kind of hardware and software related solutions.

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